What is a Digital Nomad


According to Wikipedia, Digital Nomads are the type of people who use telecommunication technologies to earn a living, and more generally, conduct their lives in a nomadic manner … but what does it really mean, and why has the Digital Nomad (DN) movement become so popular worldwide?

For many centuries and for countless generations before us, people have travelled; it was a big deal. An “eccentric” who was searching for adventure, eager to cross the sea, excited about what was waiting there, could usually be found.  Anyone with a strong motivation to see the world would find the courage and a way to do so. Nowadays, travelling has become much easier and safer: you can go for a short term vacation, or a longer one using your savings. You can travel fairly cheaply as a backpacker, you could find temporary work at every country you visit in order to top up your savings, or undertake volunteer work, just to name a few ideas.

Digital Nomads are those “weirdos”, who have now levelled up the whole game. They said: “Hey, when we have internet, we can still work and travel for longer”.  It means that, thanks to switching their mindset from the typical 9-5 way of working, they started to earn money wherever they were, remotely, using a computer. In other words, you do not have to quit your profession and become bored lying on beaches. You can do both: keep your work, and unlock yourself from a homeland. Nobody said that it’s easy to do, but because of a strong motivation to go abroad, see the world and explore cultures, many people make it happen …. with no excuses.


What drives nomads?

I’ve mentioned “motivation” a couple of times, as it is the key to everything. Whether you want to run a business, learn a language, or have a family, it is our nature – when we really want something, we do everything in our power to achieve it, overcoming any struggles and obstacles. What motivation drives people to become Digital Nomads?

Exploring the world is the main motivation, but there are a few more that people find along the way:

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Freedom means taking yourself away from a social structure where you “have to” fit in. Whilst travelling, you have the possibility to find “yourself” finally, embrace all your strengths and weaknesses, and with no judgement. Moreover, freedom makes people stronger from the inside, forcing them to think about their life direction, learn strength, and to listen to themselves. As an additional bonus, travel gives freedom from the home routine: Airbnb always provide room-service 😉


Travelling is an eye-opener, you start seeing things that you’ve never noticed before, you start thinking about ideas you have never previously thought about. You become a worldwide observer, which is an exciting journey in itself. Many opportunities are invisible at home simply because “at home”, there is no time to notice them.

Filling life with emotions

Travelling tends to speed up life, almost like putting all your vacations together into one. Emotions make us feel alive; not every day is perfect, but the bad moments do teach us to be more patient. There are so many beautiful moments on the way, life brings a lot of surprises when you look for it.

The most common state of mind in society is stress. We think that we have to do something every minute of the day, and that each second of relaxing is wasting time. Even when we do stop, our thoughts are full of tasks. A Nomad’s life is more relaxed and balanced – due to being a distance from the office, there are fewer distractions or home obligations, and this saved time can be spent with pleasure.


Nomad community

The Nomad Community has brought people together, thanks to coworking spaces and events, paying more attention to connecting people and sharing experiences. Being a Digital Nomad is exciting, but definitely not an easy way of living. As well as the travelling, it can also be tiring and lonely. Being surrounded by like-minded people, by sharing experiences, and by helping each other, Digital Nomads can find inspiration and friends worldwide, this brings a lot of joy to their life.

The Digital Nomad Community develops a new reality and brings new knowledge to the world, thanks to its main motivation to be location independent:  how to work remotely, how to build a distributed team, how to be self-motivated and self-organised, how to learn new skills online, how to be productive and keep yourself from distractions.

Today the group Digital Nomads Around the World on Facebook almost 100K members, which means it could be the 200th Nation by Population size, according to Digital Nomads Nation.


The best way to learn more about how to become a Digital Nomad is by drinking a beer at a Digital Nomad pool party, or by attending one of the Digital Nomad conferences.

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