Where will you stay for the next COVID wave?

Where will you stay for the next COVID wave?

Fellow Nomads, where will you stay during the next wave of quarantine? 

Do you remember this feeling of anxiety about being stuck in the wrong country when the borders were closed? Before the second wave, we have more insight into what it will look like and where we want to be. In group Global Digital Nomad Network Digital Nomads discussed plans for where to stay this time. According to the results of the survey, we chose from all options the top 7 best places where nomads liked to live and work during the pandemic. We have added several materialistic to select countries from the survey, like cost of living, Internet availability and COVID risk.

Algarve, Portugal

«We’ve been in Portugal since the beginning of COVID. I highly recommend it. At the height of their lockdown, they were reasonable in allowing you to get out for essentials even roaming the beaches and working out outside. No quarantine req coming in rn. Not super cheap to live here, but cheaper than most places. A lot of restaurants/cafes with outside spaces. Crime is relatively low».

  • Coronavirus cases in Faro District: 1,581
  • Coffee $1.96
  • Airbnb $1,754 / month
  • Dinner $5.87
  • Internet speed (avg) 33Mbps


«Safest place in Europe. A very tough approach to COVID, only 29 deaths the whole year. Plus you can get a free COVID test whenever». Slovakia has very welcoming people, a pretty safe and beautiful nature. If you are not afraid of low temperatures, this is a great place to work and hide from coronavirus. 

  • Coronavirus cases: 9,574
  • Coffee $1.53
  • Airbnb ~ $1, 222 / month
  • Dinner $4.70
  • Internet speed (avg) 21 Mbps

Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

«Lucked out on Thailand. One of the better places to be “stuck” in. “Koh Phangan…. the best place on the planet stil».

Thailand closed its borders with the beginning of the pandemic, but some people were lucky enough to stay there for the duration of the lockdown. And soon Thailand is opening long-term visas for those who miss the Thai food, massage and paradise beaches under the palm trees! 

  • Coronavirus cases: 12,090
  • Coffee $2.37
  • Airbnb $1,253 / month
  • Dinner $1.90
  • Internet speed (avg)18Mbps

Gran Canaria

Its followers joke that they have good waves for surfing in response to the words about the second wave of coronavirus. Many have called it their choice, despite the fact that Spain has one of the strongest waves of pandemic this fall and it is not safe to be there. Perhaps if you live in a country house and go out only for food and to deserted beaches, you will be able to avoid danger, while enjoying the nature of Spain. 

  • Coronavirus cases in the Canary Islands: 4990
  • Coffee $2.35
  • Airbnb $1,429 / month
  • Dinner $8.80
  • Internet speed (avg) 29Mbps


«Still in Berlin – seems to be working»

For those who care not only about security but also about hanging out and surroundings, Berlin has remained a favorite place. There is a good infrastructure and a large community of Digital Nomads, a lot of coworking and cafes for work. It is not as bright and sunny in winter as in Bali and Thailand, but you do not have to fight with terrible traffic and crime. 

  • Coronavirus cases: 12,090
  • Coffee $3.52
  • Airbnb $1,989 / month
  • Dinner $11
  • Internet speed (avg) 30Mbps


“I am in Bali – great place. Places are open but very few people, so while you can enjoy restaurants and spas you don’t have to worry much about social distancing – places are far from crowded.

In the comments there was a discussion about the fact that in Bali, often robbed visitors. Decide if you can keep your property safe here.

  • Coronavirus cases: 8532
  • Coffee $1.68
  • Airbnb $1,437-1490/ month
  • Dinner $2.28
  • Internet speed (avg) 12Mbps

Turkey, Istanbul

«Yes, during the quarantine you will not see the crowds of tourists in the streets. They are all on the beaches».

This joke accurately explains the rhythm of life in Istanbul. There are a lot of amazingly delicious Turkish food, hospitable people and wonderful nature. It is much warmer here than in many other countries listed.

  • Coronavirus cases in Turkey: 330 000
  • Coffee $1.01
  • Airbnb $995 / month
  • Dinner $2.89
  • Internet speed (avg) 12Mbps

No matter where you stay – stay healthy, productive and live a full life!

Statistics of the cost of living kindly provided by https://nomadlist.com/.