What have Digital Nomads learned about themselves in lockdown?

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What have Digital Nomads learned about themselves in lockdown?

Coronavirus broke plans for everyone and digital nomads were not an exception. On one hand, we became used to working wherever we are and fortunately our online jobs were less influenced by the outbreak. On the other hand, we became stuck on different parts of our planet. Some came back home, some did not. Our inner nature – willing to experience the world – was forced to settle down because of closed borders. 

As with any crisis, there is no choice but to adapt to new circumstances. Did nomads adapt to the change? What conclusions were made? We at WhatsUpNomads listened carefully to the community and we’re happy to share the most common thoughts. 

🔹 Slow travel is the way to go. Basically spend more time in one place with a maximum of 2-3 locations a year.

🔹 The location independent aspect is very empowering when you can work from home or wherever home is to you. During these times, consistent travel can be unproductive for work.

🔹 It’s precious to have a feel good home base with a well-equipped kitchen when you get locked down. Set your culinary imagination free. Learn several new recipes and create many of your own. Inspiration is a simple Google search away. Even if you’ve never cooked, now is a great time to start.

🔹 Use the time to dig a little deeper and learn the art of stillness. Create in different ways and learn new things. 

🔹 Since being unable to travel internationally, you don’t have to leave your own country to experience some pretty amazing things. Look up your own town’s history. You’ll unlock an abundance of discovery right out your front door.

🔹 Buying a camper van has grown mainstream. Consider traveling on wheels instead of in the air.

🔹 For some, income and stable employment has become a more important priority. Passion takes second place to stable employment. Job security is the only thing that matters unless you have a backlog of savings to live off for 6 months. 

🔹 But also it’s important to not fully rely on your job as your only income source.

🔹 It was a good reminder to be conscious about how we spend time. In the world full of destruction it’s very easy to blame poor results on being busy all the time. When you are isolated at home with the world economy going down, you no longer have those excuses. At the end of the day, what you have accomplished shows how committed you really are. 

🔹 It also made us value relationships with people more. The modern speed of life sometimes changes the priorities without you noticing. Being unable to physically reconnect with your family and friends reminds you of what is really important. It’s all about who is with you, not where you are.

🔹 Remember to express gratitude for all that we have: health, family, loved ones.

🔹 At the same time, introverts may feel the most comfortable, as things haven’t changed much for them.

“The top recommendation for people is to be open minded when you are presented different opportunities in life. You never know, your life could completely change.”

Traveling slow was the main point through the conversation. The desire to travel and live a nomadic lifestyle is still there, but this made us be more aware about the impact that long-term travel has on the environment. More thoughtful approach and slow traveling is what feels right to do in the future by avoiding flights and using more wheels.

And let’s don’t forget that mother nature is fighting back. Taking care of her is job #1.

Stay safe! @Whatsupnomads

Source Global Digital Nomad Network

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