What do you think the average digital nomad earns per month?

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What do you think the average digital nomad earns per month?

“Many digital nomads are broke”, – we hear that all the time inside of the digital nomad community. The main reason this perspective exists is that people we see often in nomad communities or in popular digital nomad spots have just started their journey, quit their jobs, and are trying to figure out their way to freedom. They are searching for their first remote job or trying to build an online business. There is a huge number of people at this stage. 

If you look deeper there are quite a lot of successful people who earn enough for their freedom lifestyle in any country. They are also not that visible in a community because they don’t show off. Also, as soon as they gain enough friendship connections worldwide – they spend less time connecting with new people but are more focused on their inner group. 

There are also plenty of location independent millionaires but they just don’t refer to themselves as digital nomads. 

So how much do they earn? 

The whole group can be split into three categories, at least: 

  • Digital nomads as backpackers
  • Middle size entrepreneurs and remote employees 
  • Owners of million dollar businesses


Digital nomads as backpackers – are those, as we said earlier, who just started. They’ve just quit their jobs, they may have decreased income for having more flexibility. They are in the most exciting part of their journey. Scary but exciting, and the feeling of finally leaving their countries is worth sacrificing good income for a while. 

So, in most of these cases, they don’t earn much. Around $1000 per month or even less. (46% according to the nomad.report). Most of them are looking for work through the nomad community and only getting started with testing different freelance ideas or businesses. 

But hey, taking a risky leap is sometimes required to change direction in life. 


Middle size entrepreneurs and remote employees – that’s the biggest category of long-term digital nomads here. They are the owners of mid-size online businesses or remote workers who have good stable income, like expats with remote jobs. They have gained enough digital skills to work from anywhere. The range of income is between $2000 – 8000 monthly.  The income level really depends on the country a person comes from.

Johnny FD, for example, is very transparent about his income level and he publishes his reports every month officially. His online income has ranged from $200 a month when he was starting out and now he makes around $8,000 a month on average. 


Owners of million dollar businesses – I don’t think I should comment on this section. As their level of income may reach the moon. But as said, they often even don’t consider being a digital nomad. 

In the end of the day, being a “digital nomad” is not a job title! There are endless kinds of jobs one can have while working from a laptop so you really can’t compare salaries. It depends on what you do! And for some, wealth lies in the freedom not always on the bank account.

The official report source says that $4000 is the average salary through the digital nomad community, according to the survey on nomadic.report.

Remember, this is just gossip, nothing more, nothing less.

All the best, @lerapitiakova 💙