Top 10 Digital Nomad struggles in quarantine

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Top 10 Digital Nomad struggles in quarantine

Quarantine times were difficult for everyone in their own way. For some, quarantine has turned into a nightmare, for others, life has hardly changed. But there were things that annoyed almost everyone. Through a survey in the Digital Nomads Around the World group, we collected the 10 most popular issues nomads had to fight with. Take a look at this list and find what you’ve been facing lately yourself.

1. Loneliness & being single

While being a nomad, it’s great to travel solo and let’s be honest there are more single digital nomads rather than couples. Those who’ve been single for many years shared in a group that they have thought about the benefits of having family during their imprisonment. Some of them counted the days without dates, others have been thinking about their former relationships, and even some – promised to think seriously about having a family. The hardest time was for those who were separated from relatives but didn’t have time to reunite with them before the borders were closed.

2. Being with families and kids 24/7

Unexpected, but so. It’s hard to focus on work when your entire day is being driven by your children or your spouse wants attention. And hey, everyone needs some private space which was impossible during quarantine.

3. Haircut

Wait, maybe that’s the reasons why it was so hard to find a mate during quarantine?

Barbershops were the first ones to open after quarantine. They had lines of happy and overgrown people. Either way, hopefully someday we’ll tell our grandchildren about it as “quarantine fashion.”

4. Lack of exercise

Underground gyms and sneak jogging have become quite popular. Favorite activities like  surfing, hiking and other outdoor activities became unavailable, so we had to look for substitutes and motivation to stay in shape. How remote workers were gaining weight during the quarantine you can read in our previous article.

5. Working from home

It’s not the same as our regular remote work. We actually often don’t work from home only, we could go to a coffee shop, coworking, work in a park. But quarantine removed all the choices hard and fast. Working from home – was the only option left. Also, the lack of connection with other people and separating work from personal life — not good for one’s mental health with the lines of daily life being blurred.

6. Money issue and loss of jobs

Nobody could be ready for it. Loss of income source is always stressful, and in conditions of uncertainty and panic it is even more stressful. Those who did not stock up and relied on permanent jobs were particularly vulnerable. Some  took the time to learn a new profession and try what they liked, while others fell into depression. In any case, it was a difficult trial for many and one of the most frequently called problems.

7. Losing control of plans, travel, freedom

Basically, many of us are forced to settle down with no understanding where we can travel these days. Lack of freedom — we had so much freedom to travel and do what we wanted before. Hopefully, we will not be the last generation who experienced a freedom to travel anywhere and anytime.

8. Missing social contacts and seeing friends in real life

At moments when life around us stops, we look for its meaning intensely. Some people are burdened by the need to meet with themselves face to face, others find this self-talk scary and energy draining. But loneliness, lack of tactile contact affects the psyche of anyone. And no matter how lonely it is, you can look for new ways and acquaintances, remember – the pandemic is no reason to write to the ex.

9. Reading on social media about other people whining and complaining about everything instead of making the best of their situation

The isolation in the general information space became one more psychological danger. Fake and real news about the pandemic and an unusually powerful flow of information led some people to delete their accounts in order to relax.

10. Wearing masks

No comment here. It may become the new normal but also a great business opportunity for creating fashionable masks. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

We could conclude by saying that all these challenges have taught us a lot and made us stronger. But no, this is really a difficult time, not the right time to exhaust body and mind in a fight. The fight goes on, so enjoy the usual things, keep to the schedule and try to stay calm. People adapt very quickly to the new conditions and we all need the usual rituals to replace the broken ones to stay afloat. So, keep learning new things, use this time for new projects and keep your balance!