Are there any celebrities in digital nomad scene worth following in 2020 and why?

Are there any celebrities in digital nomad scene worth following in 2020 and why?

We tend to follow people for different reasons. Even if you don’t like this guru thing, at a certain stage of your life you might come across someone that inspired you to change, or opened up a new direction for your life that you’ve never thought of before.  

Digital nomadism is a great journey that allows you to discover how the world looks as well as designing your life and opening new opportunities. 

So in the digital nomad scene there are quite a lot of nomads who create content to share their experiences with a bigger audience. So who is really worth your attention and why? 

More than 20 “gurus” were recommended by the community and we chose 10 who we think are worth talking about.

So let’s go:

  1. Johnny FD is the number one who comes to mind. He is one of the original digital nomads and has been traveling and working online for over 10 years. People find his content informative and he’s not in it for “the likes”. His blog articles and YouTube channel are great both in travel and how to make money while traveling. He is honest and transparent with his income reports. On the top of that, he is the founder of Nomad Summit, the annual conference for digital nomads.
  1. Chris the Freelancer. His videos are entertaining and he is not trying to sell aggressively. Also, it’s interesting to watch his personal progression over the last few years – seeing from where he started and where he is now. He recently changed the direction of his YouTube channel and he now talks more about freelancing than about digital nomadism or traveling. But in the last couple of years he’s uploaded enough videos for you to watch.
  1. Nomadic Matt is the original traveler. He’s been traveling for more than 11 years. He is one of the first nomads who reached a big following on social media and his content is all about traveling and providing city guides. Even though he is more of a travel blogger than a digital nomad, he’s written books, he’s got a YouTube channel, he sells his course on his website and in 2018 he created an event called TravelCon – the three-day conference that connects travel industry leaders, influencers, and writers.
  1. Andrew Henderson well known as Nomad Capitalist. He helps people go offshore and reduce taxes. But along the way, his team provides content worth reading or watching.
  1. Lost Leblanc. He creates great quality videos by showing cool places along his way. Well, he’s gained 1.5M subscribers on YouTube, so he might be worth watching! If you like high end travel content, this is the nomad to watch on YouTube.
  1. Noraly, from Itchy Boots, not necessarily a digital nomad in the strict sense of the word, but she does travel the world by motorcycle, while doing what she loves and she’s a great example of a brave person.
  1. Oli Nold from NomadX. NomadX provides rent that’s far more affordable than Airbnb, with listings mainly in Portugal. Oli, by using his network, is setting up shows, sometimes even daily interviews and growing a strong community to support remote workers.
  1. Kristin Wilson, known as s TravelingWithKristin, has a cool YouTube page and is a host of Badass Digital Nomads Podcast . She’s been a full-time digital nomad and expat for the past 15 years.
  1. Niall Doherty – tells the truth about life on the road and making money online through his popular blog, eBizFacts, and informative video content.
  1. Travis Sherry from Location Indie. He has hosted the Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast since 2013 and recently uploaded his 300 episode. Now they are taking care of Location Indie – a community of people who are traveling and building their online businesses.

If you are still not convinced and don’t like this guru thing, the best way to get inspired and learn more about the digital nomad lifestyle and online businesses is by connecting with the nomad community in real life. Just book a ticket (when it will be possible) and go to one of the main locations where the most nomads are based like Chiang Mai, Bali, Medellin, Lisbon or Las Palmas. You’ll meet impressive nomads who are too busy to blog.

Also remember, once you start nomading, you’ll stop paying attention to the ‘influencers’ as you’ll start to write your own story.