Remote workers gaining weight during the quarantine – why does it even matter?

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Remote workers gaining weight during the quarantine – why does it even matter?

Good news that 58% actually lost weight, but there are 42% who gained weight instead. On which side of the scale are you and why should we even be bothered by this question?

Topics like wellbeing, productivity, healthy food and morning routine have been discussed over and over. A typical life of a nomad is unstable as it is but the real test has been applied along with the quarantine and not everyone passed it being unable to maintain a work-life balance anymore. 

Recently this topic was discussed in a Facebook Group called Global Digital Nomad Network and had 183 comments! We’ve counted the votes and this is what we’ve learned:

58% (29 out of 50) participants lost weight and the rest 42% – gained a few kilos because of lack of self-discipline, depression, stress and other reasons. 

What helped

You still can lose weight and gain muscle during the lockdown. Just do home exercise, stick to a calorie deficit and eat clean food. The key is in self-discipline. 

Sticking to a morning exercise routine could be a great chance to set a new self-record. One example of this would be getting into yoga practice can help you feel and look better. 

Not eating out all the time can really help to avoid buying junk food at the grocery store. So when you are bored instead of snacking on junk food other options could be: drinking more water or doing more pushups. These adjustments seem small but they add-up over time. 

Fewer restaurant visits are actually a good thing.

If you’re used to setting your own routine and already have healthy eating habits, it will not change too much during the quarantine. 

Struggles instead

It’s always easier if there’s someone else to make you do things. But if there is nobody then accountability is difficult. Keeping an accountability partner will help you ensure you do whatever it is you need to do.

If all you do is sit at home and “bored-eat” you’d already start thinking about ordering a pizza for lunch  because who doesn’t love pizza. Although you might have some handmade pelmeni in the freezer that has been ordered a week ago and haven’t tried yet… and some tilapia in the fridge…  and the makings of chicken stock in the freezer. And there’s always pasta…Well, those struggles are real. 

Why does it even matter? – one asked. That’s a great question, thank you!

And here is the great answer followed: 

“Because health is your most valuable asset, and weight is closely associated with health. Not to mention that being overweight is a risk factor for COVID.”

At some point health and being fit is not a fashion trend anymore, it’s a required asset for the brain to work, for productivity and main weapon against procrastination. 

Source Global Digital Nomad Network