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The first day – my God, such a weird crowd.

The fourth day – I’ve found my tribe! 

When coming to Nomad Cruise, the conference on a ship for digital nomads, you surround yourself with 299 people. This means it could be challenging for introverts. But it also means going outside of your comfort zone, which is often times where tons of opportunities for personal and business growth are discovered. 

This is Valery and this is my second time attending Nomad Cruise. We traveled from Barcelona to Brazil with a few stops in Gibraltar, Tenerife and Cape Verde along the way. The first cruise for me was Nomad Cruise 6 in April of 2018 from Spain to Greece, which was an incredible experience as a regular participant. This second time however, I had the wonderful opportunity to join the Nomad Cruise core team so I could see the whole picture behind the scenes while working to make this Nomad Cruise 9, the best cruise yet.

I am the third after Dori, our gorgeous photographer, and Bori, the wise team leader and program manager of Nomad Cruise.

Nomad Cruise – is a balancing combination of a venue (a boat, where you can’t escape from), a topic (location independent lifestyle), and organically filtered people with similar values and goals. Only after a few days being aboard I had a feeling that these people think the same way as I do. They not only understood what I was talking about but also answered in ways I need to hear it. Insane to find this. They did not judge, did not underestimate, did not question my dreams or way of life. It was so powerful to meet a diverse group of beautiful people from all over the world that have so many things in common, both business and personal.

Nomad Cruise gathered a group of 299 people with assorted talents, each with their own unique stories and reasons for coming together. A lot of projects were born on this cruise. Some people found business partners or mentors for their existing businesses. Others found encouragement and validation for their deep seeded ambitions. More than twenty ideas were born during Piranha Tank (pitching startup projects) event. We were brought to laughs and tears during the public speaking challenge when participants opened up onstage with their unique personal stories… the new brand Cocowina was born with its marketing campaign (the drink made from 50% cola / 50% wine became an icon of the cruise). The new song Don’t Stop Achieving was born. These are only a few examples of what came from these 13 days at sea.  

Who were those people? 

44 Nationalities, the majority were from Germany, United States, Netherlands, Hungary, UK.

70 % single / 30 % in relationships or married

45% – entrepreneurs

15% – employed

28% – freelancers

Spheres of interests:

IT, Real Estate, Marketing, Coaching, Design, Legal, Film Production, Food and Health, Dance, Education…and many more. 

During the 13 days cruise we had prepared the fixed program with keynotes, workshops and meetups. Keynotes feed us with inspiration and make us think in different directions. Workshops give more deep and handy tips that can be used straight away. But meetups are the tool that everyone can use to skillshare knowledge and get to know people from the same areas of interest. We had over 200 meetups about productivity and planning, from idea to app, how to start your new business, how to not manage your employees, how to find a remote job, which crm tool to use, about UI/UX design and many more.

In addition Nomad Cruise became a two week sport bootcamp with professional yoga-classes, dance lessons, acro-yoga, group runs, and deep breathing sessions while aboard. I tried, for the first time in my life, acro-yoga and totally loved it!

A regular perfect day on the  cruise would look like this: 

Start the morning with yoga, or deep breathing workshops or running on deck 8.

From 10 am until 5 pm – keynotes and workshops.

From 5 pm to 7 pm – meetup time. 

7:30 pm – delicious dinner. We have an unofficial rule to choose a different table every evening to meet new people. 

9 pm and on… Afterparty with unlimited drinks at 360 or Disco. 

Frankly saying, it may be challenging to keep a healthy schedule over the whole cruise due to constant FOMO (fear of missing out) So we highly recommend to take it easy and go to sleep earlier than a sunrise 😉 

Nomad Cruise has its official principles that help to build stronger connections and I strongly believe that they should be applied to the rest of the world:

  1. Openness 
  2. Participation  
  3. Responsibility
  4. Respect
  5. Sharing 
  6. Consent
  7. Kindness

It means that if you see someone sitting alone, in normal life you may just pass by. But on Nomad Cruise, you would try to invite that person to join in with you. There are no closed conversations or any “clique” where you can’t jump in. Everyone is welcome. We love our diverse and global community. We come together from all corners of the world and respect, empathy and patience help us all to accept people the way they are and allow us to learn from what each of us brings to the community. 

One of the participants said after the cruise:

It’s the most amazing thing to see how people change over the duration of the cruise.  We become stronger and more confident. Ideas come alive and barriers from the past are broken down. All those 299 people on board, they make opportunities happen… they get things done. They break stereotypes and prove that life can be whatever you want it to be. 

They accept life’s challenges and they persevere beyond them.

I am grateful to be a part of the Nomad Cruise core team. Powerful teams offer a lot of support and endless trust along the way. The team has grown and with that, so have I. 

We say that Nomad Cruise is just the beginning. We say that everything is possible. We also sing “Don’t Stop Achieving”.