Move more!

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Move more!

The second week at home… Is a serious challenge to the mind and body. Even though, people can adapt to any circumstances, we have to be as physically and mentally active as we are in normal life.

Locked up, we move less, so our hippocampus becomes weaker. Because of that, like dominoes in a chain, all the mechanisms of self-control crumble, so our habits, weaknesses and mood start to control us. Try to evenly fill your day with exercise to keep yourself in balance:

🕘 7 minutes of morning exercise immediately after waking up and before breakfast. This will wake up your body and develop a deep, calm breath. Through daily exercise, your body will become stronger, so you can slowly increase the number of minutes.

☕ Use your breaks to do 10 push-ups or 20 squats. Anything you can do quickly and easily. You could even every day beat your own records for the number of push-ups you do.

To keep your motivation and interest in the exercises, join online training groups or agree with friends to remind each other about the exercises. Start small, you’ll see how fast your body gets stronger and your mind is happier.

To get more ideas about simple exercises, check out free apps like NikeTrainingClub or Freeletics.