Digital Nomad Konference #DNKonf 2020

25 Apr - 25 Apr, 2020

Digital Nomad Konference in Budapest 2020 will be hosted by Digital Nomad Kit.


APRIL 25, 2020
Budapest, Hungary


What will make this event unlike any others?

– Ticket holders will dictate the content and various aspects of this ‘choose your own adventure’ conference.
– No ‘fluff’ content, no ‘I was sad and now I’m not’ stories, only value-packed and action-inspiring stuff that’s made FOR YOU.
– Open to all ages, genders, gender expressions, sexualities, races, religions, abilities +. Digital nomad life CAN be accessible, there’s just not many people making it so. DNK aim to be different.
– No fame over value, sure you might know a few of speakers, DNK wants to bring to light insanely actionable content and showcase people you might not otherwise have heard of outside of the usual nomad speaking circuit.
– This event is open to seasoned, new and aspiring digital nomads.

If you’re location independent, a remote worker, a full time traveller who freelances, a work from home entrepreneur, a long term expat etc – you are super welcome at the DNKonf

The focus is less so on the wonders of having a passport and more so how you can earn an income online that allows you the freedom you seek, how you use your passport responsibly and how you can prepare to be a part of the future of remote work.

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