Just saying “Kyiv” – not “Kiev”, keep in mind when you arrive to Ukraine

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Just saying “Kyiv” – not “Kiev”, keep in mind when you arrive to Ukraine

Kyiv has a lot to offer as a location for nomads or remote workers. Cost of living here is much cheaper than anywhere else in Europe, even compared to Asia.

☘ The city is walkable with cheap Uber rates.
☘ There are a lot of parks, the city is green.
☘ It has amazing high-level food to offer, a new bunch of restaurants keeps opening every month.
☘ There are a lot of other nomads, Couchsurfing and expats community.
☘ There are a lot of high-level coffee and laptop-friendly cafes (like Journalist, Blur or CityZen, Call me Cacao,  just to name a few)

If you need an official reason to visit Ukraine, here you go 👉 14th of September’19 will be a one day conference about location independent lifestyle and remote businesses 🔥 Freedom Business Summit🔥. Read more about the event in the next post.

BTW, it is totally safe here 😄

P.S. One of the official reasons for using “Kyiv” instead of “Kiev” is because it will help Ukraine country step out of Russia’s shadow in yet another field.

See you at the Freedom Business Summit 🙌