Newsletter #002 – Digital Nomad Events 2020

Newsletter #002 – Digital Nomad Events 2020


What’s up nomads?! 

The first month of a new decade passed by and the first digital nomad conference has been organized. Nomad Summit was held in Chiang Mai and it was a great success.

In this email we’ll be focusing on the full calendar year of events that bring digital nomads and the location independent movement together. Coming to these events you’ll meet people who will never ask you why you want to live free from a specific location or why you want to travel so much. Instead, you’ll meet amazing personalities from different countries that will share with you their business ideas and what works for them. Skill sharing is the key. But first we must build a friendship, then – business. This is an unwritten rule for the nomad community.

Let’s jump in together with what experiences we’re looking forward to this year. We would deeply appreciate if you mention us when you book any of these events.

** See our special offers below for events listed with **

Just in case the sign >> is a link to an event website for more information.


Nomad Summit has announced their next conference location. It is going to be in Georgia, in the adorable capital, Tbilisi (if you’ve never been there, you should!) on May 22 – 24, 2020. Check out here >>

Read the complete review of Nomad Summit Chiang Mai 2020 by Katherine Conaway.

** Special offer: you’ll get 10% OFF using the promo code WHATSUPNOMADS

Mindvalley Live is going to Armenia, Yerevan, on April 25 – 27, 2020. It’s actually not a conference, it’s a three days of transformational experience with Mindvalley authors that upgrades you and unleashes your talents. Check out here >>


Colombia:  Master the most valuable skill of the XXI century, Deep Work with LiveBeyond. >>
Indonesia: Retreat for 15 conscious entrepreneurs from around the world at Lombok >>

Bali: Coworking Unconference Asia, a conference for community builders. >>

Wow! April is gonna be busy! You simply can’t miss it!

Bali: Freedom X Fest  will unite leaders & changemakers. >>
Armenia: Mindvalley Live in Yerevan.  >>
Nomad Cruise 11 from Caribbean to Lisbon. Join 200+ digital nomads & entrepreneurs on a conference while crossing the Atlantic Ocean. >>
USA: Running Remote in Austin, Texas. A two-day conference focused on managing remote teams. >>
Online: The Remote Work Summit. >>

Georgia: Nomad Summit in Tbilisi.** >>
Germany: DNX Festival in Berlin >>
Russia: Nomad Train. Trans-Siberian Railway from Russia to Mongolia.** >>
Croatia: Sailing retreat with Those That Inspire >>
USA: Summit at Sea this event is for leader in their field, not specifically for digital nomads but should be such a powerful experience. >>

Italy: LiveBeyond is a powerful experience in Tuscany.** >>
Bali: The Digital Nomad Summit for entrepreneurs, freelancers & digital nomads. >>

Amsterdam: Mindvalley University, a 1-3 week-long transformational event. >>


Russia: Nomad Train. Trans-Siberian Railway from Russia to Mongolia.** >>
Ukraine: Freedom Business Summit in Kyiv. >>
Iceland: once again…LiveBeyond will bring you to Northern Lights.** >>

South Africa: 7in7 in Cape Town.** >>

Gran Canaria: Nomad City in Las Palmas. >>
Nomad Cruise 12. Details are coming right after Nomad Cruise 11!



Nomad Train – 50 Euro OFF using the promo code WHATSUPNOMADS
LiveBeyond – 10% OFF using the promo code WHATSUP
Nomad Summit –  10% off if you use promo code WHATSUPNOMADS


How to Retire as a Digital Nomad – Johnny FD – Nomad Summit 2019

As we are talking about Nomad Summit a lot this time, we want to share one of the talks we like by Johnny FD, Founder of the ‘Nomad Summit’. 


As Freedom X Fest said, if you are a FREELANCER, who can be any of those roles.

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LiveBeyond believe that we can’t control time ⏳ but we can manage what we focus on.

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