Income ideas. How to earn money while travelling?

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Income ideas. How to earn money while travelling?

We are lucky to live these days as we have much more income possibilities. We were raised with the mentality that we have to build a successful career and/or launch an office-based business to support our lives financially. 🙄But this path is not for everyone, right? ⠀⠀
The Digital Nomad community creates its own lifestyle as well as finding new revenue streams and passive income ideas that were not possible before. ⠀⠀
There are a few common ways to earn online: ⠀⠀
💶 E-commerce⠀⠀
💶 Digital marketing services⠀⠀
💶 Design ⠀
💶 Programming⠀⠀
💶 Blogging/ Vlogging/ Podcasting⠀⠀
💶 Affiliate marketers⠀⠀
💶 Online courses⠀⠀
💶 Remote work/ Freelancing⠀⠀
💶 Digital Entrepreneurship⠀⠀
💶 Writing ⠀⠀
💶 Virtual Assistants⠀⠀
💶 Real Estate etc.⠀⠀
But believe us, there are so much more creative options out there that you will hear from digital nomads. How? Correct – book your ticket to any conference that brings Digital Nomads together. With a class of beer you’ll discover more useful information than scrolling blogs. (Nomad Summit, Nomad Cruise, Freedom X, Nomad City, follow @whatsupnomads to stay updated)⠀
See you there!⠀⠀
☝️ Next days we will publish complete calendar of Digital Nomad Events, month by month. ⠀⠀