How to stay connected and organized while working at home

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How to stay connected and organized while working at home

Working remotely has a lot of advantages. No commute. No distracting co-workers. Home-cooked lunch. But actually, on the way to enjoying remote work, you have to overcome some challenges.

When you work remotely, you turn into a whole team. There won’t be a supervisor who monitors your productivity, a programmer’s department who will set up your laptop, there won’t be talks with colleagues during a coffee break where new ideas are born. So, here are seven tips on how to organize productive and organized work from home.

1. Time management

While working at home, the boundaries between rest and work are easily blurred. You can get distracted by your cat or social network during the working day or find yourself working at midnight when it’s bedtime. So to stay productive, plan your time clearly and stick to this framework. Set your tasks as deadlines and try to stick to them. Define the boundaries of the working day and choose the time for your family and yourself. Those working from home should be able to balance work and life, shouldn’t they?

2. Strong written communication skills

Most of your thoughts will need to be formulated in writing. So write clearly, concisely and unambiguously so as not to create confusion and misunderstanding among colleagues.

3. Be reliable and responsive

In an office, your boss can see, plain and clear, that you’re working away at your desk all day. When you’re at home, you can send the same message by being responsive and available online. Many times the simple answer – “I received your letter and it will be completed within an hour” – works perfectly. Then make sure that you stick to that deadline.

4. Move more

Locked up, we move less, so our hippocampus becomes weaker. Because of that, like dominoes in a chain, all the mechanisms of self-control crumble, so our habits, weaknesses and mood start to control us. Try to evenly fill your day with exercise to keep yourself in balance:

Do 7 minutes of morning exercise immediately after waking up and before breakfast. This will wake up your body and develop a deep, calm breath. Through daily exercise, your body will become stronger, so you can slowly increase the number of minutes. Use your breaks to do 10 push-ups or 20 squats. Anything you can do quickly and easily. You could even every day beat your own records for the number of push-ups you do.

To keep your motivation and interest in the exercises, join online training groups or agree with friends to remind each other about the exercises. Start small, you’ll see how fast your body gets stronger and your mind is happier.

5. Dress up

Clothing is part of our daily routine, which makes us feel ready for action. Pijamas trigger sofa and Netflix or whatever you do on a weekend, which is completely not about work. Choose comfortable but non-relaxing clothing to start your day. This will help you focus.

6. Create a separate workspace

It should be an area that mentally prepares you for work, whether it’s a separate room or a laptop at the end of the kitchen table. Ideally it should be a place where you don’t go to rest, such as your bedroom, and that other members of your family know is your place to work.

7. Make a schedule 

Separate the time when the work day starts and ends as well as time for breaks. This helps to avoid stretching working hours out all day and make it easier to focus on tasks.

If you’re used to drinking coffee during coffee-breaks, find someone in the family who will join you. So, your family becomes your co-workers.

So, it’s time to create or recreate useful habits that will make you more productive and happier. Remember, that routine is like a funnel – one habit triggers the next one.

Stay safe & productive!

Whatsupnomads Team