Have you ever been to Ukraine?

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Have you ever been to Ukraine?

We can get in contact with many digital nomads who LOOOOVE Ukraine and come back here every year.

There are a few obvious reasons:
🌀 It is cheap. You are free from daily cooking, food is amazing and going out is cheaper than in Asia.
🌀 There are three beautiful cities to meet your requirements: Kyiv, Lviv and Odesa.
🌀 Visa-free for many countries
🌀 Guys, have you seen Ukrainian girls? 👯

More reasons ‼️
🌀 If you are searching for reliable talents for your remote team, Ukraine is the place where you should search.
🌀 People are super friendly and welcoming (do not believe your first impression from people’s faces on streets)
🌀 There are a lot of laptop-friendly places to work from with high-quality coffee.
🌀 Wi-Fi – at least 18 Mbps or higher.
🌀 Sim card – 70 UAH a month (2.5 euro)

There is only one struggle could be found while searching for a modern accommodation, most of them are a soviet style 😬

Come to Ukraine and share your experience with us! 🙌