Have you been to LISBON?

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Have you been to LISBON?

Did you know that Lisbon is one of the most popular nomad destinations in Europe? There are also Las Palmas, Barcelona and Berlin, but still – Lisbon is #1!


☀️ Weather 👌
🏄 Surfing
🍲 Delicious food and eating out is affordable
☕ Good Coffee
🍹Active Nightlife
⛱️ Easy access to beaches
👩‍💻 Tons of coworking places and cafes to work from.
🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏻Active nomad community.

☝And one more – the city has its unique HAPPY and POSITIVE vibe in the air. Relax and just enjoy it!

How to find a community?
– Check weekly events in Lisbon Digital Nomads group at Meetups.com.
–  Join the Facebook Group called “Lisbon Digital Nomads”.
– Borderless Retreat (@borderless_retreat )- there are two girls are doing a great job connecting people in Lisbon.

Where to live?
– Airbnb always can help.
– NomadX.com – digital nomad apartments and co-livings.
– Join Facebook group “Accommodation for digital nomads in Lisbon”.
– Co-living options: Same Same, Selina Secret Garden and Outside, just to name a few.

Photo credit:  @borderless_retreat ⠀