Digital Nomad Conferences in 2020

Digital Nomad Conferences in 2020

Over ten remote work conferences (not counting retreats) happening around the world that bring together digital nomads and location independent together. Organisers, behind the digital nomad community, spend an enormous amount of energy to bring like-minded people to a venue, make them connected. As well they attract the best speakers to share the latest market trends and useful tips. But their main impact  – building the global community. Digital Nomads Network has built on friendship and mutual support.

Digital Nomad lifestyle shows a different dimension of life and opens life-changing opportunities that are hardly seen in regular society. It is still a new topic but attracts more and more people who want to change their life. Every year the number of conferences, trips, and festivals is growing rapidly.

Apart from that, Digital Nomad Events are always A LOT OF FUN!

In this article, will be collected upcoming conferences for #digitalnomads and #locationindependent in 2020. For some of them, we arranged a discount using promocode “whatsupnomads”.



Nomad Summit Chaing Mai 2020

📅 18-19 January 2020

Nomad Summit is the biggest conference for digital nomads, remote workers, online entrepreneurs and those who are currently dreaming about location independence and freedom. It’s the ultimate place to learn from highly successful professionals and network with hundreds of like-minded people who share your goals and vision.

Last year Nomad Summit had more than 400 digital nomads and location independent entrepreneurs from all around the world attend. This year’s going to be even bigger!


Nomad Summit 2020 Schedule:

Friday, January 17th – Pre Registration and Networking Mixer

Saturday, January 18th – Main Conference Day + After Party

Sunday, January 19th – Pool Party and Networking + VIP Dinner

Monday, January 20th – Optional Workshops & Meetups



Freedom X Budapest | Design An Inspiring Freedom Lifestyle

📅 8th – 12th April 2020

They global visionaries to advance the evolutionary shift for good and to accelerate positive change.  This event exists to inspire, educate and connect people by creating global transformational events spaces and platforms that raise awareness of new models and paradigms of living, working and being.

Whether you’re a thought leader, a digital nomad, a social entrepreneur, or an active dreamer.. Come join Freedom X in co-creating a space with like-minded community, where we can redefine the systems and rules society takes for granted, and break free together, creating the highest potential in life, for ourselves and for all of humanity.



Digital Nomad Konference #DNKonf 2020

📅 20 April 2020

If you’re location independent, a remote worker, a full-time traveller who freelances, a work from home entrepreneur, a long term expat etc – you are super welcome at the DNKonf.

The focus is less so on the wonders of having a passport and more so how you can earn an income online that allows you the freedom you seek, how you use your passport responsibly and how you can prepare to be a part of the future of remote work.



Nomad Cruise 11 – All-inclusive Digital Nomad Conference on Cruise Ship

📅 April 21 – May 2 (12 days)
📌 From St. Maarten to Lisbon
🌎 Stopping at Antigua and Azores

In April, Nomad Cruise will be cruising from St. Maarten in the Caribbean to the number one Digital Nomad Hotspot in Europe… Lisbon! 🇵🇹

Connect with 200+ digital nomads and online-entrepreneurs as we cross the Atlantic ocean. Get inspired by our keynotes and workshops. Expand your horizons with our special events. Dance the night away in the disco. Explore epic islands like Antigua and Azores. Share, learn and grow.

Go ahead and read about our experience what was happening during 13 days while crossing the Atlantic Ocean in Nomad Cruise 9.

🎥 Watch the mini-documentary why Nomad Cruise is unlike *anything* you’ve experienced before.

👉 In order to join the epic community you need to send your application here.



DNX – Digitale Nomaden Festival 2020 (German)

📅 23-24 May 2020

“The mega event for digital nomads, online entrepreneurs & holistic lifestyle”
Digitale Nomaden Festival is focused on one of the most exciting topics in the travel sector right now, here you come face to face with true experts who know what they’re talking about. At the DNX global, speakers will share their experiences and best practices on their path to digital nomad lifestyle with you.



Running Remote 2020

📅 20-21 April, 2020

If you’re running a remote team or serious about starting one, this is the conference for you. Running Remote Conference 2019 is carefully curated to teach you next-level, actionable strategies and tactics you can utilize the very next day to manage & grow your remote team.


Stay in touch, we will keep updating the list.




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