My digital nomad story began three years ago when I arrived to work as a community manager at the coworking space, KoHub in Thailand. I had the previous 8 years experience in corporate back home but I always wanted to see different places, live internationally and was searching for a life that I’ve found being a nomad. Since then I’ve been to many countries, a lot of adventures happened and my life changed forever.

All these years I’ve been observing the life of a community, I’ve met personally hundreds of free and strong personalities from all over the world who chose freedom and happiness. It feels like everyone knows each other, everyone know what’s going on. And the community is growing. And bloggers work hard to share their experience. But I personally wanted to build a platform that will represents a life of the DN community to the whole world.

I understand how big is the task. That’s why I split it to smaller steps and will start from that going to talk about the events.

I invite everyone who want’s to publish your articles with links to your personal pages.

This is my personal project where my heart is. And I cross my fingers for its success. I am open for any kind of partnership, I would appreciate for support or contribution. Each your help will be valuable for me.

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