7 tips on how to get practical benefit from attending online conferences

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7 tips on how to get practical benefit from attending online conferences

Do you know this feeling of eternal students? When you always need to «learn a little more» to start acting. Especially evident in online education, where there is less strength of the supportive environment that can push you to act now. No matter how much theory you learn, it doesn’t work without action. So, how do you know so that knowledge is introduced into life and changes it?

1. Define the purpose of learning

There may be 3-4 meaningful and measurable goals. For example, «To get techniques on how to get a remote job» or «How to find a partner». During an event, go back to your goals and check if you are getting the necessary information to achieve them.

2. Choose speakers and talks aligned to your interests

Dive into the speaker’s background to understand how you can build an effective dialogue. Explore their expertise to create a list of questions that you want to ask during their talk. If you don’t find the answers to your questions in the speaker’s presentation, ask it personally.

3. Create a summary

Take notes – not only about the content but also about your ideas and thoughts that come while you are listening. Later, you will structure these notes into conclusions to implement. Bonus: posting your findings on social networks will attract people interested in the same topic and convey your image of an evolving professional to your future partners/customers.

4. Make an action plan

While you are still full of enthusiasm after a conference, consolidate knowledge with your next steps. What are you going to start with? Break the big goal into small pieces and simple actions. Plan what you will do this week, what you will complete by the end of the month and year. From time to time, go back to your plan and check to see if you keep moving towards the goal.

5. Refresh memories

Immediately after a conference, while your memory is still fresh, revisit the materials shared by the speakers. You may find something that you missed.

6. Networking

Online networking becomes more complicated and more accessible at the same time. If a conference has a chat, it is easy to through in a question or comment. It can initiate a conversation with others, which may lead to future cooperation.
If you are interested in one of the participants, write a personal message with a question or comment to start a dialogue.
Prepare a kind of elevator-pitch — a 15-minute story describing your company, product, or area of expertise. This way, you can quickly explain why it would be useful to get to know you. Keep a connection with those you met during the conference on social networks or messengers.

7. Visit the pre-party/after-party if the online conference has them

Check the conference’s goals — if you have any unresolved questions or people you have not yet met, find them at the party. In an informal atmosphere, you will find it easier to make contact with them.

And one more lifehack – among the massive amount of information for training, filter out only what you need now. The rest would be just noise that distracts you from the necessary changes you should make.