7 favorite homebases for nomads by nomads

7 favorite homebases for nomads by nomads

There is a time in the life of every nomad when after a few years of traveling around the world we start thinking about having a home base. A place where we can comfortably stay longer with no rush. A place where we have everything we need. Have you asked yourself which country to choose for a home base?

There was a discussion at the Nomad community. Some nomads keep in mind a list of countries with their advantages and disadvantages to find their best fit. Here are the top mentioned places.Their advice may help you reconcile heart and mind choices for yourself.


“Best international food, people, sunset views, loads of culture, affordable – good flight connections”.

Lisbon replaced the Chiang Mai concept in Europe. And also competes with Berlin for the title of a major digital nomad center. There are always a lot of nomads, events, friendly coworking spaces, great wifi, sunny weather (temperatures rarely drop below 10 degrees), surfing and great architecture provide inspiration. The Portuguese are very friendly and speak English well.

Lisbon has the biggest international digital nomad community in Europe thanks to a group of community leaders, like Rosanna Lopes. Their community has already +8K members on Meetup.com/Lisbon-Digital-Nomads/

It is a member state of the Schengen area, and there are direct international flights to Lisbon.


“Good weather, Beautiful nature (Sea and mountains), European Union, Cheap, low flat tax rate 10%. Bulgaria has the benefits of being a EU Country, low taxes, real winter, real summer, mountains, beaches and close to everywhere (Turkey, Greece, Caucasus Region,…)”.

It is not too well known in Europe, with well developed digital format and delicious food. More and more international people who speak English gather here. Especially at Coworking Bansko. There is good internet speed, beautiful nature and low cost of living.


“I used to say Chiang Mai but from this year on it’s Koh Phangan.”

There are three spots that nomads choose to stay long term: Chiang Mai, Koh Phangan and Koh Lanta.

All these places have delicious thai food, “always summer” weather, massages for 10€, good enough  infrastructure, medical services and easy access to all countries around (used to be), etc.

Chiang Mai is a classic place that has everything you can wish for except the seafront. You’ll meet nomads everywhere.

Koh Phangan is an island with cool coworking spaces, nice nomad community, you have partying side, spiritual side, beaches, mountains and waterfalls…it’s big enough to not feel stuck on an island.

Koh Lanta is also an island. More quiet compared to Koh Phangan but has an amazing long and wide beach right next to the Coworking Space KoHub. Nomads come here for a month and stay up to 6 months.

Cape Town

“For now it’s Cape Town and I feel I’m not done here yet”.

It’s a mixture of a modern metropolis and wildlife around it. The city is increasingly focused on digital nomads, creating cafes and work spaces for remote workers. It is a city with breathtaking mountain ranges, with epic scenery, white sandy beaches, hipster cafes, endless winelands and diverse cultures. Life in the city is not as cheap as it is elsewhere in South Africa. But depending on the area, you can lower the cost of living, but there is great surfing, safari and other entertainments.


“Barcelona… I would love to move somewhere else for taxes but I like this city so much”.

Splendid architecture, lots of inspiring spaces to work in. The city even has the Silicon Valley Barcelona. There are many English-speaking expats, coworkings and cafes to work in. It is a majestic but not the cheapest place for established Digital nomads who want European life and have a steady income.


“Weather, nature, island, sea, culture, people, food, community”.

Bali is a paradise for beginner and experienced nomads (and surfers). Many people fall so in love with one of its cities that they make it their permanent home base. The warm tropical climate, wonderful community and lots of inexpensive activities – massages, bars, yoga, surfing… it is easy to extend your visa, become part of a large nomadic community and find one of the many coworkings you like.


“Great weather, great food, great beer, great coffee shops, a city rich in history and culture. Can’t ask for more”.

There is a good transport interchange, a paradise for cyclists and coffee lovers, which is great in Vienna. It’s a mix of modernity and ancient architectural monuments. The cost of living is high, but this city is considered one of the safest and most suitable for European cities. If you need silence and conservatism for your work, take a look at the ancient monumental beauty of Vienna.

If you feel that one of these cities is calling you in, listen. You may find that its climate, people, food and architecture will be the source of your strength and inspiration for life and work.