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Meet extraordinary people and find out what they do for living while traveling, about their values, how their lifestyle looks like. Events are the fastest and the most effective way to understand the digital nomad mindset and get inspired. There are a few types of events that bring together like-minded location independent freelancers and entrepreneurs from all over the world:


An event based on inspirational talks and workshop sessions with a number of participants over 100 people. Usually, conferences are very intense with information and networking.


There are trips specialized just for digital nomads as there are no better travel buddies than like-minded people! If internet is available you will have time to work, but obviously you will not want 😉


One or two week's events with small amount of participants, around 10-30. Retreats combine co-living, co-working and workshops, mastermind sessions, as well as adventurous trips and a lot of fun moments. Meanwhile, you have some time to make your work done.

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Newsletter #001 – January 1st 2020

  INTRO What’s up nomads?! 🎄 After a little break (while sailing with Nomad Cruise) we are coming back with fresh energy and ideas for the hard work while spreading the word about communities that live without boundaries and geographical limitations. That’s right, about digital nomads, location independence, and the communities that help make this …

Digital Nomad Conferences in 2020

Over ten remote work conferences (not counting retreats) happening around the world that bring together digital nomads and location independent together. Organisers, behind the digital nomad community, spend an enormous amount of energy to bring like-minded people to a venue, make them connected. As well they attract the best speakers to share the latest market …

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Digital nomads are a type of people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their life in a manner. @wikipedia

And according to one of the nomads: “In other words, with the help of technology which allows us to work online and earn a living this way, we can pursue freedom in all its aspects: of thought, movement, knowledge, constant self-improvement and lust for life.” @Georgiana Bularka is a media platform that represents events which connect the digital nomad community worldwide. More information read on the page “About”.